And the Train Moves On!!! - Tallevast, FL - 2015

This will be the first time ever that our family has made plans for hosting the reunion 4 years in advance. The host committee in Philadelphia will past the torch as we head for Tallevast, Florida for the 2015 Parrish Family Reunion.

Scholarship Fund

Please give to the Barnes Parrish Educational Scholarship Fund. This scholarship has been presented for over 10 years to our family high school graduates who continue their education for a specialized skill or college/university studies.  Be a part of his-tory, her-story and our story of great family minds.  Their future success is our future. Please access the 'scholarship link' for the application and more information.

Family Genealogy

We need your help! We want to make sure the names of all family members are included.  Please take a moment, review the genealogy information on the site and email any corrections or updates for your family. You may submit your updates by completing the form on the 'Contact Us" link.

Photo Gallery

Visit the Photo Gallery, check out the pics from our past reunions, and we look forward to seeing you in Tallevast!